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End of Year Performance & Fees

Recital costumes for girls are $100 per each costume. A $60 deposit will be charged in October.

The remaining balance of $40 per costume will be charged in December.



  • $150 recital fee due January 1st, 2021.

  • Included in this fee, you can put one shout-out message in the program booklet.

  • Included in this fee is an LMDA Recital T-Shirt and a DVD of the performance.

  • Every child is required to buy a costume for each dance number that they are in.

  • You are required to put a deposit down for the costumes in October.

  • Balances for costumes are due in December.

  • Every girl is required to purchase a new pair of tights from the LMDA.

  • Tap/Jazz - Tan Tights - ** All students are required to purchase fishnets sold at LMDA for all musical theatre, tap, and jazz classes.

  • Ballet - Pink Tights.

  • Contemporary - Footless Tan Tights.

  • It is mandatory that every child participating in the End of the Year Dance Performance attend at least one rehearsal session.

  • Required to purchase a finale t-shirt.

  • There may be extra rehearsals required prior to the recital weekend.

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