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About Us


THE LISA MENNILLI DANCE ACADEMY (LMDA) strives in educating its students in the art of dance.  Our passion and love of dance is passed onto our students through technique, instilling confidence, and exposure to all different genres of dance.  The ability to express yourself through dance is a gift that we hope to help you achieve in a loving, nurturing, fun and professional environment.  Building relationships with your teachers, mentors, and classmates is another quality that we instill at the LMDA. Please join us in continuing the tradition of dance as a beautiful expression of art!


  •    LMDA has won over 3,000 first place awards for outstanding achievements in dance

  •    Top Studio Award

  •    Numerous Choreography Awards

  •    National Champion Award for Choreography and Entertainment

  •    National Grand Champion Award

  •    Entertainment Awards

  •    Lisa Mennilli has been named “Teacher of the Year”

  •    3-time recipient of the APOGEE AWARD

  •    The “FDC” has named LMDA one of the top 50 schools in New England

  •    Lisa’s students have established careers in TV, movies, print, and the broadway stage

  •    Lisa has choreographed over 50 musical staged productions

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