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Dance Intensive's

These are special workshops that are held on Sunday for the students to get more intense with dance.  It allows every student to have an hour of every genre of dance. We bring in specialty choreographers from New York City to enhance the program, and it's very structured and more serious.  Classes are offered in tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, musical theater, strengthening, technique, leaps, jumps and turns, improv, and much more! All dancers must bring a bagged lunch and lots of water to the workshop. There will be a half hour lunch break, and two short breaks.  It's hard work, but lots of fun too. All students must follow proper dress code. Please follow the dress code guidelines on the website for boys and girls. It's an amazing program for the dancer that wants to see faster progression.  


The LMDA holds dance intensive's once a month.  Please check the calendar weekly as we have updates all the time. There will not be at dance intensive during the month of January because of our musical theater productions are being performed during this month. There will not be dance intensives during the months of January and June. But all other months of the year we will have monthly dance intensives!!

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