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What People are Saying About Us:

"My daughter has been dancing for 11 years but, was lacking in confidence and technical skills.  A friend suggested I take my daughter to meet Lisa.  I called her immediately and was surprised by her openness and work ethic.  We quickly signed up for private lessons that lasted the entire year. Lisa spent months not only working on my daughters technique, but her confidence and self esteem as well.  Lisa really worked to get to know her and develop a method of teaching that would be less intimating, allowing my daughter to feel good about her dancing. The change has been incredible. Lisa is an amazing, caring, thoughtful, insightful teacher and choreographer. My daughter is so excited to be taking classes this coming year at LMDA. I look forward to seeing her grow and progress even further under Lisa's direction." - Lisa DiMaria, parent of a current student



"Lisa Mennilli teaches the art of dancing with a heart of gold! Last summer, my 12 year old son participated in a summer theater production for which Lisa was the choreographer. In two months she taught these kids several complicated dance routines that they performed flawlessly! That experience gave our son a desire to study tap and jazz dance. He began classes at Lisa Mennilli Dance Academy last September and by June he joined his fellow dance class mates on stage for a phenomenal recital that showcased a variety of dance styles performed by children from age 3 to age 18! It was amazing to behold and behind every carefully choreographed step, every beaming smile and graceful bow was the very professional, very loving, very inspiring Lisa Mennilli! When you walk into Lisa’s studio, you feel at home. It’s truly like a second family and she has every student’s best interest at heart. The atmosphere is light, the dancers are happy and the results are amazing. My son can’t wait for Fall classes to begin!" - Laura Moulder, parent of a current student



"My daughter loves musical theater and LMDA's Musical Theater Jazz and Tap class is perfect for her. It is the right mix of challenging and fun. She comes home every week feeling more and more confident of her dancing. Lisa is a joy to be around and has so much pride in her students! Anyone interested in musical theater should really be taking dance lessons too. LMDA will help any student feel more confident in their dancing ability and on stage." - Keren Palmieri, parent of a current student



"My daughter Brianna started dancing with Lisa after doing a summer production with Sabrina's Encore Productions.  She was so thrilled with all the choreography she wanted to learn to dance.  She looks forward to her weekly dance lessons and plans on taking more classes this coming year.  Lisa is so good with the kids, she's so patient and instills a desire to get it right.   I am so happy to have find a place for my daughter to dance, a place that seems more family than school, and love that Brianna has made new friends, and discovered a new passion.    It is truly amazing to watch the kids dance, and to see how much they learn in such a small amount of time. I live about 25 minutes from the studio and it is totally worth the drive there every week!" - Marla Duffy, parent of a current student



"LMDA is a studio full of talent; from the owner, to the dance teachers and the students.  We have been at LMDA for one year and we are amazed at the growth my child has experienced.   Lisa is not only passionate about dance but also about her students.  She is loving and genuine yet has high expectations for her students and achieves them.  We are so happy to be a part of the LMDA family and look forward to continued growth, fun and friendship!" - Susan Queenan, parent of a current student



"We went to another local dance school before meeting Lisa of LMDA. These kids learn to dance in a way you will never find in any other local dance studio.  The talent you see at the end of year recital is amazing!  If you try just one of her classes, you"ll know right away, that this where your want your child to dance." - Michelle O'Donnell, parent of a current student



"It always amazes me when I watch the students of Lisa Mennilli Dance Academy perform. It's not just their mastery of dancing but the shear joy they seem to feel about being up on stage performing for family, friends and strangers. LMDA successfully combines discipline, fun and self expression for each and every dancer.  Our daughters love to dance and perform but are uniquely different kids.  Lisa and her teachers treat each as a special individual and work to help them find and appreciate their own independent strengths. We couldn't be happier with the training that they receive as dancers and performers.  We are equally overjoyed that our children look forward to any time spent at LMDA and with the love and care they receive." - Kris & Steve Powers, parents of a current student



"My daughter, Kayla had been dancing for 9 years at a studio that she never loved, but she loved dancing so we kept going back.  Last year we finally made the switch over to LMDA and I have never seen my daughter so happy to go to dance class each week.  Lisa creates a secure, friendly environment that helps foster creativity and bring out the best dancer in each child.  Lisa's cheery demeanor and professionalism are just two of the things you can expect at LMDA; even more than that you can expect her to make learning how to dance fun!  My daughter was always afraid to try Tap, but thanks to Lisa's fabulous direction and years of experience my daughter tapped effortlessly and beautifully at this years dance recital! Thank you Lisa, for giving so much of yourselves to all of our children". - Wendy Verga, parent of a current student


"This past year I decided to enroll our daughter in Lisa Mennilli Dance Academy when she moved her studio to Newtown.  She is an amazingly talented and caring teacher. Under Lisa's teaching my daughter has learned so much and loves to dance!!!! I can't say enough how much I love her dance academy and how happy I am she moved to our area. Lisa's Dance Academy is a step above other schools in this area and she brings in professional teachers just to teach our kids!  You will be so impressed by what your child will learn at this exceptional dance school!" - Jennie Nowacki, parent of a current student



"We were new to the area and had to find a dance studio for our 7 year old, who loves to dance.  We attended Lisa Menilli's open house last year and immediately connected with her and the studio.  We watched as her students danced and showed us their routines.  You could see not only the skill that these young girls had, but their enthusiasm and passion for dance showed as well.  Lisa greeted each and every person that walked in. Her personality is so friendly, warm and caring.  We immediately got the feeling that this studio was like a small family of dancers. A year later, and we still feel that way.  Lisa is a great teacher, she is caring and truly loves the kids and her studio.  The other teachers that she has are all so very talented and bring a ton of professional experience to our kids.  My daughter had the best experience with all of her teachers. They made dance fun and exciting.  She loves dance more than ever!" - R. Brier, parent of a current student



"My daughter, Isabel, has been a member of the LMDA for 9 years, and has developed into a beautiful dancer, who loves the stage.  Performing on the competition team has given her a sense of confidence and, what I believe will be, a life-long love of dance.  The experience has helped her in so many aspects of her life, including discipline, honoring commitments, posture/body confidence, physical fitness, and sportsmanship.  In addition, it has helped her tremendously through her experience in Theatre Arts. Lisa is a wonderful choreographer/teacher, and truly cares about her students from her heart.  Her direction brings out the best in her students, and their stage presence is exceptional, and second to none.  Watching her students perform is a true pleasure, and I am always left wishing I could see it all again.  It has been a wonderful dance experience for my daughter, over the years, and she has benefitted extensively." - Camille Chistoni, parent of a current student



"Lisa Mennilli is a one of a kind dance teacher. She is a truly special person who goes above and beyond to make sure every child, no matter what age or level, is able to thrive within their own personal strengths and soar far beyond they could have imagined. Over the last five years, Lisa has been more than just a teacher and mentor to me. Not only does she breed the best tap dancers in CT, but the close relationships she builds with her students truly are special - who knew a dance teacher could be so touched by one of her students getting asked to prom?? Her dedication to her students is extraordinary. I constantly left Lisa’s studio with a smile on my face, feeling confident as ever in my dancing abilities. Lisa creates a judgement free environment to ensure that all students feel comfortable learning at their own pace. My only regret is that I did not join the Lisa Mennilli Dance Academy sooner. I cannot thank Lisa enough for the positive impact she has had on my life throughout the past five years and feel beyond blessed to have learned from someone genuinely talented like her." - Sami Chanko, former student



"The Lisa Mennilli Dance Academy is the place to be in Newtown. We have finally found a studio where the instructors really care about the children they teach, as dancers and as people. My daughter started dancing with Lisa two years ago and I can not believe the advances she has made. She is a more confident dancer, which has helped with her overall confidence in many areas on and off the stage. The classes are fun and enjoyable while still remaining focused. My daughter is happier here than anywhere else she has danced and looks forward to classes beginning again each fall. LMDA’s summer programs are always wonderful as well. Lisa really takes the time to see what the kids need and want and she works around that to form her summer programs. Lisa also choreographs many shows here in town. She is the main choreographer for Sabrina’s Encore Productions and she gives her time to other organizations as well…much of it donated. All in all, LMDA and its instructors are incredible teachers and people with a lot to offer in dance and theater arts." - Beth Tananbaum, parent of a current student



"My daughter began dancing with Lisa when she was 12. It was life changing in terms of her self-esteem, beauty, and grace. Julia had never tap danced before, and with Lisa's guidance, she became an excellent tapper. Not only is Lisa a phenomenal choreographer and teacher, but she is also a wonderful person. She loves each student like they are her own. The Lisa Mennilli Dance Academy helps to bring out the best in all of our children. This school takes dance to a whole new level."Liz Bogdanoff, parent of a current student



"My daughter has been dancing at LMDA since she was 3 years old.  She's going on her 8th year now and it is amazing to see how much she has learned.  More importantly, under Lisa's guidance, she has gained confidence in herself that I never thought she would.   That is because Lisa truly cares about her students and is completely dedicated to helping each and every one of them strive to become the best dancers they can be.   I've seen other dance teachers who will teach a step and just move on.  Lisa will spend as much time as needed until they both feel it's right.  She is excellent with the kids and they honestly love her for it.  Her love for dance and undeniable talent is proven with every dance recital.   They are filled with outstanding dance numbers and stunning costumes and are, without doubt, the most professional recitals I've ever seen. We are so happy to be a part of the Lisa Mennilli Dance Academy." - Gina Jisonna, parent of current student



"Lisa Mennilli is a true professional in the dance industry - just the right mix of choreographer and friend, our daughters have loved her dance programs immensely!   The dance classes and recitals are second to none.   We have been involved with other dance companies in the past, but nothing compares to LMDA!  Lisa always made us feel like family,.  We have developed a special relationship with Lisa and will miss her as we are relocating over the next few months.   Highly recommend this dynamic woman and dance company, LMDA!" - Lori Buchetto, parent of a current student

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